Play Systems

While most play systems satisfy the basic purpose of play, our innovative designs help improve a child’s motor skills, dexterity, balance, concentration and endurance; induce a sense of confidence and satisfaction and most importantly, expand creativity. Most forms of adventure have the same end result and our play systems are inspired from the many climbing and adventure experiences that we have had ourselves. 

Let your children taste real adventure!  We want everyone to join in on the fun. So we have something for everyone. Have your pick at anything from outdoor toys to complex play systems. These structures can be fitted in your backyard or the play area of an apartment. 

Structured vs Unstructured

Play can be structured or unstructured. Structured play has a set of rules with specific objectives. For example, when a child sees a swing, she knows to sit on it and use it to achieve the objective of swinging. There are no other uses of a swing. There are only a set number of ways to use a swing.

Unstructured play has endless possibilities. Unstructured play promotes creative problem solving and develops a child’s cognitive and imaginative skills. Children when left to their own will take initiative and create activities and stories from the world around them. With unstructured play elements, at the outset there may have a definite objective, for example to climb to the top of the spiral circling a tree, but the ways of achieving it are endless. Unstructured play also encourages social skills and teamwork.

Age Specific Play

Our playgrounds address children of different age groups. We have designs that are suitable for 6 - 23 months, 2 - 5 years, 5 - 12 years and 12 years and above. We do not need much more design validation than seeing the joy on the faces of thousands of children using our play systems.

Play for offices

Why should kids have all the fun? We can make your business parks friendly and fun. Simply add a slide to induce a little bit of fun when undertaking mundane tasks like taking the stairs down, or lounge on a net suspended 20 feet above ground above the atrium of your building. We add life to your work spaces.

Our playgrounds are usually a seamless blend of structured and unstructured play elements. Check out our FAQ's page for any queries you may have or Contact Us to schedule a visit or to help plan your customised play area.

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