Outdoor Fitness

Calisthenics is an ancient form of exercise first practiced by the Greeks for overall fitness. Rather than complicated pulley machines for isolated muscle training or free weights, we build calisthenics workout stations for use in a public playground or park.

  • Activities like climbing, and body resistance training done over a short period of time have dramatic muscle memory benefits. 

  • Highly involved activities like calisthenics lower stress levels.

  • For a reasonably low initial investment you get equipment that will last you 5-10 years with almost no maintenance.

Today, a lot of upcoming gyms are adding functional training areas to their setups for they see the value in training without the use of machines.


We build obstacle course circuits that improve grip strength and can be used to train for specific sports. We have rigs that are inspired by Ninja Circuits and we can build them for young adults too. When combined with Resistance Bands, these rigs can to be less intimidating. 

Our equipment are built with a seamless blend of Stainless Steel and Mild Steel, providing the best balance between durability, functionality and aesthetics.

For premium looking outdoor fitness equipment in your public spaces, Contact Us. We'd be happy to visit and help plan your public spaces..

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