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Climbing Walls

Natural Climbing Wall
Climbing Wall @ Jellyfish Watersport
Mini Mighty @ Bangalore Club
Mini Mighty @ an Individual's home
Bouldering Wall @ TSAF
Bouldering Wall @ RMZ Ecoworld
Bouldering Wall @ RMZ Ecoworld
Mini Mighty @ Ranka Heights
Mini Mighty @ PLaY Junior
Mini Mighty @ Divyasree ROW
Climbing Wall @ Divyasree 77 degree
Mini Mighty @ Diversity School
Climbing Wall @ Chennai
Climbing Wall @ Chennai
Ice Climbing Theme Wall
Sport Climbing Wall @ PLaY
Mini Mighty @ Artha Riviera
Kids Climbing Wall
Geometree Theme Wall

There are 3 kinds of walls we build :

  • Custom-made 

  • Ready-to-install (Mini Mighty)

  • Theme-based for amusement or entertainment.

Custom-made walls

FeetOffGround builds custom designed walls that are unique to you and your requirements. One size doesn’t fit all, and we understand that all too well. We have built over 6500 sqft of walls that are scientifically designed and backed by 30 years experience. Our seasoned climbers test out every inch of the wall for top quality assurance. We would also like you to know that we do not share your designs with other clients. Your very own personal wall,  just as it should be, just the way you need it to be. We build sport climbing wall, bouldering walls and speed climbing walls to cater to anyone who wants to pursue the sport seriously.

Mini Mighty

One wall for Everyone. Our very own modular system. Simple and easy to install. Almost all our playground designs incorporate this wall and thus far has also been our most popular climbing wall. Read more here.

Theme-based walls

Get anyone interested in climbing, regardless of their age and/or gender. Unlike a sport climbing wall, these walls use fun themes to get everyone curious and get climbing. These walls usually have features that can be used to hold to climb instead of the 'holds' you find on a sport climbing or a bouldering wall.

Check out our FAQ's page for any queries you may have or Contact Us to get a quote for your very own personalised climbing wall.

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