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What is an HBControls solid-state relay power controller?

An HBControls Power Controller is a solid-state relay pre-assembled onto either a DIN or panel-mount heat sink. Each Power Controller is ready-to-use, eliminating the need for thermal calculations or heat sink selection. The maximum allowable load current for the assembled solid-state relay in a 40°C ambient temperature is provided in the datasheet for each controller.

Solid-state relays are electronic relays that, unlike electromechanical relays and contactors, have no moving parts. As a result, their lifespan is significantly longer than comparable electromechanical relays. The typical MTBF (mean time between failures) for a solid-state relay is >7 million hours. Solid-state relays can also operate significantly faster, with on/off times measured in cycles rather than seconds. An instantaneous (also called a "random turn-on) solid-state relay can switch power to a load is less than 100µS.

Power controllers are similar to electromechanical relays and mercury contactors in terms of functionality. All of these devices switch power to or from an electrical load upon the application of an input or control signal. As previously mentioned, solid-state relays contain no moving parts, making them faster, quiet and highly reliable.

Some of the benefits of using a solid-state relay power controller are:

  • Longer life expectancy and number of operations
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Silent operation - no acoustical noise
  • Fast response time
  • No mechanical or moving parts

What options are available for purchasing products from HBControls?

We accept orders via phone, e-mail, fax or, for many products, directly from our website. Payment terms are also available for repetitive business needs, upon approval by our accounting team. You can contact us directly at 800.879.7918 / sales@hbcontrols.com. You can also contact one of our authorized distributors for competitive pricing; https://www.hbcontrols.com/distributors.

Is discounted pricing available for larger solid-state relay or power controller orders?

Yes. The easiest way to obtain volume-based pricing is through one of our authorized distributors; https://www.hbcontrols.com/distributors. HBControls can also customize a quotation to fit your specific needs. Please contact us directly at 800.879.7918 / sales@hbcontrols.com if you’d like to discuss pricing options.

Does HBControls ship overseas?

Yes. Our customer-base for solid-state relays and power controllers is global, so we can ship to any non-embargoed / non-sanctioned country. Please contact us if you are unsure whether we ship to your country or need additional information regarding overseas shipping; +1 800.879.7918 / sales@hbcontrols.com. HBControls ships to over 100 international countries, including Canada, Denmark, Australia, Austria, Germany, Japan, The United Kingdom and others. Before ordering our products overseas, please make sure that you enquire about customs, duties and tax regulations with your country’s customs agency.

Will HBControls provide ongoing technical support after purchase?

Yes. Working with our customers and potential customers is the part that we enjoy. One of the things that separates HBControls from our competition is the reliability and quality of our after-sale services. Our experienced staff will make sure you receive the best customer-service experience possible.

Whether you need support for an existing project, a new project, or still trying to decide whether or not to use solid-state relays in your application, please contact us for support at any time; 800.879.7918 / support@hbcontrols.com. Our ticket distribution system ensures all your calls and emails are quickly addressed by one of our customer support specialists.

Are there solid-state relays or power controllers available that are not published on the website?

Yes. The products available on our website represent a small percentage of possible configurations. In many cases, these options/configurations are selectable within the online store page. However, if you can’t find the exact product to fit your needs, please contact us and let us help find the right product for your application; 800.879-7918 / support@hbcontrols.com.

What other products are offered by HBControls?

In addition to solid-state relays and power controllers, HBControls offers a range of current transducers and 24Vac power supplies - www.hbcontrols.com/ps-ct

Can HBControls customize a product for a specific application?

Yes. Our support team can work directly with you to design solid-state custom power controllers to fit your specific application needs. In most cases, customized products are developed for higher volume applications. However, depending upon the complexity of the design, we can also work with you to help with one-off/prototype projects. Please contact our support team if you would like a consultation on your specific requirements; 800.879.7918 / support@hbcontrols.com.

Does HBControls warranty their work?

Yes. Our solid-state relays and power controllers carry a standard one-year warranty. However, in case a manufacturing defect leads to product failure, it will be considered eligible for repair or replacement during its operational lifespan. If you have any questions regarding the quality of our products, want to voice your concerns or enquire about a return, please contact the HBControls Quality Control Department;

Quality Control Manager: HBControls, Inc. 18 Rosary Lane Hyannis, MA 02601 Tel: (800) 879-7918 / Fax: (508) 676-7346, www.hbcontrols.com.

HBControls will not be considered liable for any damage sustained apart from the repair or replacement of the equipment provided by the customer. HBControls takes no responsibility for additional parts, costs or labor incurred.

Does Thermal Fatigue Affect the Lifespan of HBControls Power Controllers?

A common misconception with solid-state relays is that high operating temperatures negatively affect the lifespan of a Power Controller. This is partially true, primarily in cases where the operating temperature exceeds the maximum specifications of the solid-state relay. In fact, solid-state relays can operate safely and reliably for decades at high operating temperatures, as long as maximum ratings are not exceeded. Instead, the real concern revolves around thermal excursions - the rate and frequency at which the the temperature within the solid-state relay changes.

Solid-state relays dissipate power in the form of heat during normal operation at a rate of approximately 1 Watt per ampere of load current. As a result, the internal temperature of the solid-state relay can increase rapidly if the heat sink to which it's mounted cannot adequately dissipate the heat. The subsequent expansion of internal components can eventually lead to thermal fatigue and the premature failure of the solid-state relay.

This is our area of expertise. HBControls Power Controllers utilize highly efficient heat sinks to prevent the solid state relay from overheating during normal use. Datasheets for each controller provide maximum allowable current ratings in a given ambient temperature, eliminating the need for thermal calculations or heat sink selection. We also offer custom power controllers with active cooling solutions for high-current applications or situations where the SSR controllers are used in high-temperature environments.

Where can I find additional information on solid state relays and power controllers from HBControls?

A comprehensive Knowledge Base on solid-state relays and power controllers is available on our website @ https://www.hbcontrols.com/faq. Please contact our support team if you have additional questions or would like to discuss anything in more detail; 800.879.7918 / support@hbcontrols.com.

Play Systems Related

How much space is required for playground?

There isn’t a magic number. We specialise in working with small spaces. Our smallest play area was about 80 SqFt and our largest playground was 6000+ SqFt.

What are your play systems or elements made of?

We make our play elements using a combination of metal, wood and rope. However, we area constantly trying to work with new materials that have a low impact on the environment. We do not use plastics. 80% of our play equipment can be recycled.

What about safety?

In all our designs, we adhere to European standards. Having been to playgrounds around the world and observing children play, we design play equipment keeping in mind the child. "Safety over form. Function over aesthetics”. That is our design principle.

Who requires Play Equipment?

Apartments, clubs, schools, pre-schools, individuals, offices - we have many clients from varying backgrounds that have requested us for designs. Everyone needs to play. Our play equipment are fun and different and we strive to keep the user (be it a child or an adult) engaged.

Why should I pay so much attention to playground equipment?

Play is integral to a child’s development. More and more educators have begun understanding that being outdoors and playing, especially in early child development is one of the best ways to learn. Our play systems are designed and built keeping the child in mind.

Why FeetOffGround for Play Equipment?

We custom build playgrounds. While some of our play elements are standard, we customise play equipment for your requirement. We pay special attention to detail in all our projects. Our designs keep in mind the space required for the children to run around, the fall heights and playground surfacing.

How do I choose a play system?

You don’t need to choose it. Just send us your floor plan, tell us what the target age group is and let us get to it. We design site specific play equipment.

What kind of maintenance do your play equipments need and how often?

All playground equipment are subject to a lot of abuse. We strive to use material that is abrasion resistant yet soft on the hands. In any case, wood and rope need to be audited and replaced every so often.

Will you also offer maintenance services?

Yes, for a small fee. Ask us more about it.

What are the common concerns for a parent?

Height, fall, sharp points, entrapment hazards, trip hazards. But let the kids fall. Falling is essential to a child’s development. Don’t take our word for it. Click here to read more.

If you have any others questions, please feel free to Contact Us.


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