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About Us

The adventure is strong with us, and we’re big on sharing. FeetOffGround was created to share this love, create new experiences, and start new journeys. We are experts at building artificial rock climbing walls and playgrounds for children, designed and fabricated right here in Bangalore. With our extensive experience, we will provide solutions to any scenario that requires your feet-off-the-ground. Think it, and we will build it.

An early start is always excellent, and we are here to give your children just that. FeetOffGround treats your children to real adventure. We design and build children specific play systems that will keep them active.

Meet the Team

Aalok Bharadwaj
Founder & Play Designer

Aalok spent most of his early childhood riding a bike into the woods and to nearby lakes. He started rock climbing and exploring the outdoors at the age of 10 and outdoor and adventure continue to be a big part of his life. His conviction that outdoors and adventure sports play an important role in early childhood led him to start FeetOfGround in 2012 which is a boutique outdoor firm specialising in design and manufacture of climbing walls, unique play ground equipment and fitness equipment. Designed for specific age groups, the play equipment Aalok designs are inspired from observation of children playing and recollection of play from when he himself was a child using old school playground equipment. Because of his adventure background, a lot of components of adventure that would normally be available only to grown ups are brought down to the level of children and are made into unstructured play equipment which stimulate the physical, metal, social and imaginative aspects of the child’s early development. All his creative play structures have climbing and balance at their core, both of which he believes are primary in motor skill development. Interestingly, the traditional engineering degree, which included a Masters from UNSW, Australia helps him through this design process. To advance his passion in playground equipment design, he recently took up a course to became a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) which is a certification offered by the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) of America. Aalok continues to be an active rock climber and a strong proponent of the sport.

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Philosophy - We are a small company and we realise that our choice of material in manufacturing our climbing walls and play equipment has an impact on the environment. We work only with metal, rope and wood: most of them are either recyclable, or recycled. We do not use plastics. 

Our story so far -

  • Founded in March 2012.

  • First Concept Retail store operational - May 2012 - operated a climbing wall here for 3 years.

  • Second Retail store operational - May 2014.

  • From May 2015 onwards, we migrated from the retail business format to manufacturing of climbing walls, play equipment and fitness equipment.

Some of our Clients

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