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About Us

The adventure is strong with us, and we’re big on sharing. FeetOffGround was created to share this love, create new experiences, and start new journeys. We are experts at building artificial rock climbing walls and playgrounds for children, designed and fabricated right here in Bangalore. With our extensive experience, we will provide solutions to any scenario that requires your feet-off-the-ground. Think it, and we will build it.

An early start is always excellent, and we are here to give your children just that. FeetOffGround treats your children to real adventure. We design and build children specific play systems that will keep them active.

Meet the Team

Aalok Bharadwaj
Co-Founder & Play Designer

 Aalok spent most of his childhood riding bikes into the woods to fish out crabs from the nearby lakes. He started climbing and exploring the outdoors at the age of 10. Needless to say that adventure has always been a part of him. His interest in engineering took him to Australia, where he finished his Masters in Biomedical Engineering from The University of New South Wales. The next years were those of exploration, which found him in media, and advertising. The boredom of the desk job got to him, and he started FeetOffGround in 2012 with the intention to promote outdoor lifestyles in India. He has been re-inventing rock climbing walls ever since, vowing only to move forward. He is passionate about music and photography. 

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Prashant Pillai
Partner & Play Propagandist

 Prashant has over 17 years of work experience across industries like education, real estate, trade-fairs and exhibitions. He has been involved with children in the creative space since his early career days. He has a penchant for adventure and an eye for detail. As the Play Propagandist at FeetOffGround, he introduces educators to the need for unstructured play, the concept of learning though multiple play systems and the social skills developed in this environment. He ensures a synergy between the creative ideas from the FeetOffGround think-tank and the needs of the clients. He feels that the ability to see an educator’s vision come to life is what he likes the most about this work, this way of life.

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Philosophy - Even though we are a small company, we realise that our choice of material in manufacturing our climbing walls and play equipment has an impact on the environment. We work only with metal, rope and wood: most of them are either recyclable, or recycled. We do not use plastics. 

Our story so far -

  • Founded in March 2012.

  • First Concept Retail store operational - May 2012 - operated a climbing wall here for 3 years.

  • Second Retail store operational - May 2014.

  • From May 2015 onwards, we migrated from the retail business format to manufacturing of climbing walls, play equipment and fitness equipment.

Some of our Clients

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